Our Trip to the Vet

We have arrived! What a trip!
First, we had the great weigh-in!
The Great Weigh-In!
Results: Blondie—8.5lbs.; Punkie—10lbs.; Me—16.5lbs.!
Exploring!While we waited for Dr. Arden, we explored the examining room—lots of interesting smells! Punkie kept knocking stuff off the counter. Blondie was acting kinda scared and huddled under the counter. But me, boy, the cabinets under the examining table sure were interesting!
Me with Dr. ArdenBeing the biggest, bravest, and youngest, I went first with Dr. Arden. She looked in my ears, mouth and eyes. Then she took my temperature you-know-where and gave me two shots. She examined me all over—she said I may weigh a lot, but it’s all muscle. What a breeze and she sure is a nice lady!

Punkie went next—what a baby...whining during her whole exam!

Blondie was last and she surprised Punkie and me. She hissed a bunch and scratched and bit my BMC and BFC. It was real hard for Dr. Arden to do her job. Dr. Arden had to call in a technician lady to help take Blondie to anotherThe Glove!!!!!!!! room to get her ears cleaned and claws clipped. The technician lady had to wear these big gloves and scooped Blondie up with a big towel!

Sure was an exciting day, but I think my BMC and BFC have decided that was the last time we all go in one trip!

Last updated: November 2003
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