ice cubes
"Stay Cool Punkie!" In the summer, my BFC puts an ice cube in our water dish. Pretty bizarre! Punkie and I take turns watching this cube thingy float around. Sometimes, we try to poke at it with a paw. And, we haven’t figured it out yet, but it keeps getting smaller and smaller and then it’s just not there. Another of life’s mysteries. The water sure does taste good, though, after one of these ice cubes disappears!
It slices, it dices, it sucks up cat fur...but wait, there's more... You know, here’s another thing I can’t figure out about Blondie and Punkie. When our BMC or BFC bring out the vacuum cleaner, Blondie nonchalantly walks to another room. And Punkie? She runs away, real low to the ground...you know, scared, and she usually ends up under the bed. But, I think it’s an interesting machine. It makes a lot of noise and this hose thing sucks stuff up. My BFC sometimes has to nudge me with the hose thing, like she wants me to move or something. But I try to stick around.
"Where's my lighter?"A couple times a day, my BMC makes “noise” on one of his five guitar things. Blondie comes running to sit at his feet and sometimes she’ll even jump up on the chair or sofa and lick his arm or hand while he plays. Her favorite noise is by a Big Cat named Neil Young. My BMC calls Blondie his “groupie”...whatever that is. Personally, to me and Punkie, these guitar things are just taking up space in the living room. I guess one cat’s music is another cat’s noise!

"I'll get you my pretty!"Just the other day, this strange red bug invaded our house. It moves real fast all over the floors and sometimes on the walls and ceiling. I really have to work hard to catch it, but I can't seem to grab it. Sometimes Punkie comes to help me catch it.This bug only appears when my Big Cats are around, but they don’t seem to be bothered by it.

"Beau can't catch me!"

You know what’s kind of weird? Being in the bathroom when our BFC or BMC take a bath. I don’t understand why they just don’t lick themselves. I have seen Punkie try to help our BFC by licking her shoulder, but they both still continue this behavior.
"Roses are red, Violets are blue, I'll lick between your toes but Pyew!"I like to sit on the toilet seat and watch the soap suds float around. It’s just plain fascinating. One thing I don’t do very often—walk the rim of the bathtub. Now I’ve seen Punkie do this and when you watch her do it, it’s poetry in motion. She just tippy-toes around the rim to the window. I’ve tried it, though, and it’s downright dangerous. That rim is slippery. I’ll stick to the toilet seat, thank you very much!
"So cool and a good place to get a drink." The bathroom does remain one of my favorite places. I fit in the sink pretty good, and Punkie and I like to sleep sometimes on our BFC’s and BMC’s dirty clothes, and I usually retreat under the bathtub when I get yelled at!

"Punkie would really like this."
Buckingham Fountain

Last updated: August 2000
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