I have two sisters. Blondie’s the oldest and she swats me with her paw when I want to wrestle and play. blondieAs you might imagine, she got her name because she’s a blond. (But once, she and I were at the nice vet lady’s office and I sneaked a peak at her papers...Blondie was listed as “apricot.” "Hey Blondie...wake up, let's play!"Blondie doesn’t have a hairdresser, so who knows for sure!) Blondie’s not too active—her favorite thing to do is sleep, but that’s just when she’s not eating. (Ha-ha!!!)

"Finally, a REAL bed!"
Blondie enjoying her present from Santa (1999)!
punkie My other sister is Punkin (Punkie) and I try to play with her a lot. Punkie came to live here right around Halloween and as a kitty, she had orange eyes. She’s sort of a gray/silver tabby. Anyway, she usually doesn’t want to play either. She cries and my BFC always comes to yell at me. (My BMC says that even though I’m handsome, I have no brains ’cause I keep trying to wrestle with my sisters. However, "Hey Punkie...get up, let's play!"unlike my sisters, I don’t shed much. Both my BFC and BMC think this is great—they seem amazed that I’m perfect!!!)

But I try to follow Punkie around ’cause I can learn a lot of stuff— punkie frig like jumping to the top of the refrigerator—Punkie likes to shred the paper towels up there, beau frigbut I prefer to chew on the artificial flowers in the vase. Sometimes, my BMC or BFC opens the refrigerator and I like to explore inside. Once in a while, they open the other door, though. I explore in here too, but it’s a lot colder than the other door.

"I think I'll take a little nap while Blondie gets something to eat..."
Punkie likes Blondie’s present, too...

"Any sign of Frosty out there?"
The three of us watching the first snowfall.
Last updated: March 2002
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