"Here's a recent photo of me and Dr. Arden....she's a Miracle Worker!"Once, when I was a few months old, I got sick. I remember being in my BFC’s lap at the computer and I started shivering. Well, my BFC and BMC took me to the vet lady (she’s real nice—when she gave me my shots, it didn’t even hurt). But this visit was kind of scary. She took my temperature you-know-where! I had a fever. That’s why I was shivering. Well, the vet lady said I had to stay there for a few days ’cause I had some kind of virus—it’s hard for little kittens to fight germs.
horsey Boy, don’t ever get sick! They were real nice to me, but I was scared and lonely. I sure missed my BFC and BMC and I even missed my sisters. They let my BFC and BMC come visit me. They brought my favorite toy, my stuffed horsey with the bell. When they left, I slept with my horsey in a corner of the (shudder) cage. But, you know, at the time I didn’t mind being caged. I didn’t feel good.

I had mostly female technicians taking care of me (even though I was sick, they thought I was a handsome dude!). Now, I can laugh at that, but at the time...whew!

"Good hugs keep you healthy!"Anyway, once one of the female techs told my BFC on the phone that I wasn’t eating. Well my BFC came to visit me that same afternoon and she brought me some food from home—some of my kitten chow mixed with some of Blondie’s diet light food (I know, I know...why would you want to eat light food when you could have kitten chow...I was a little kitten, what did I know).

It took both of the female techs to bring me in the room to visit my BFC ’cause they had shaved one of my legs and I had an I.V. It was sure good to see my BFC and I did eat a little out of her hand. She left the techs a small bag of"Nothing like your own bed!" food from home for me and I did start eating. The vet lady finally let me go home. It only took a few days before I felt like my old self. (I even think Blondie and Punkie missed me just a little bit.)

Last updated: August 2000
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