Rat Eyes Before I came to this household, I had a brief career in showbiz. I lived with a Chicago celebrity, the “Rat Lady.” She has appeared on many local and national TV shows, including America’s Greatest Pets and Wild Chicago—that was before my time, though. I’ve heard stories that the Rat Lady kind of got her nickname ’cause she trained some rats to appear in a movie.
"Now, if only my name were up in lights..."
"Sarita and me."Anyway, the Rat Lady also entertains at birthday parties Big Cats give for their children and she came to a party downstairs from where I live now (that’s Sarita, the birthday girl, holding me). The theme of this birthday party was 101 Dalmatians—you know, those dogs with spots. Sarita and Dalmation.The Rat Lady brought several animal performers, as well as several animals to be petted and passed around which included me and one of my brothers—we were just four weeks old, and I must say, looked pretty dashing in our costumes—white capes with black spots. Sarita and Dove.All these little second grade girl children kept wanting to hold us. One little girl child was being a little rough with me and my BFC kind of rescued me. She picked me up and carriedHere I am as a kitty star! me over to my BMC. I had picked up a few acting tips from the rest of the troupe and I’m sure my cuteness helped a bit—my BMC and BFC instantly fell for my charms. The rest, as they say, is history and I came to live here a few weeks later.
My memory’s a bit blurry, but I still remember the stars of the troupe. Rocky and Rat LadyRocky Raccoon played a child’s piano—he could reallySarita and bunny. rock! And for an encore, he slam dunked —look out Michael Jordan! Then the headliners were these rats. (I know what you’re thinking. Rats and cats, that old cliche. But these guys were professionals—they were good and worked hard.)
BMC and Rat Star.
“Marvelous...Marvelous!” (My BMC congratulating one of the headliners after the show.)

Sure looks good!!!
We couldn’t stay for cake as we had another engagement!

Let me tell, you, these rat guys could even do their routine while wearing their costumes...they were billed as Dalmatian Rats. Pretty funny, huh?!? But these guys could jump through hoops and could jump from one table to another. I learned a lot from these guys and sometimes I miss them.

News Flash
The Rat Lady has a neat web site. Check it out if you're planning a party or want to see some neat animals!

End of Act One.
Last updated: December 2000
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