punkie junkie
"Hey Punkie...try catching this fish!"Once in a while, my BMC and BFC open a can of tuna fish. Punkie goes nuts. I’m not sure why. The whole time they mess with this tuna fish...you know, Big Cat stuff, mixing in mayo and spreading it on bread stuff...well, that whole time, Punkie whines and tries real hard to stick her head in the bowl. I don’t get it, and I still don’t when Punkie knocks over the garbage can in the middle of the night to get the can out. She licks that can dry. Punkie’s "I'll come down for some tuna fish..."definitely got the brains in the family and usually it pays off big time to watch what she’s doing, but this time...I don’t know...I guess I just don’t share her palate for Big Cats’ food!
Let me explain our eating situation. Blondie’s dish is on one side of the refrigerator. "Blueprint of our dishplacement."The water dish is right behind her against the wall. And, right above the water dish is a shelf where our BFC keeps our food. My food dish is on the other side of the refrigerator, right near the door to my old nursery. Punkie’s dish is on top of the washing machine.
"MMM...good!" (Yes, there’s a story behind Punkie’s dish. It was before my time, but it seems the nice vet lady said Blondie had a weight problem. I’m trying real hard not to snicker—my BFC’s cousin in Arizona summed up Blondie’s build perfectly—she’s full figured. Anyway, the nice vet lady had our BMC and BFC put Blondie on a diet. She had special food that they had to get from the vet lady. The problem, the way I hear it, was to keep Blondie from eating Punkie’s food. So, our BMC and BFC realized that because of her weight, Blondie’s not a jumper...I can attest to that...she only goes as high as the bed or windowsill. Anyway, they started putting Punkie’s dish on top of the washing machine and there it still remains. End of story.)

'The way to my fooddish from space, in case any aliens have any great food."
MY food dish (the actual center of the Universe)
Latitude 41.90, Longitude -87.63.
"A full food dish is a Thing of Beauty!"

So...that’s the dish placement. Currently, the nice vet lady said we could all eat the same food. It’s just plain, ordinary light food. Usually, no, I’ll say always, in the morning, Blondie’s dish is empty. Blondie can usually be found laying against our BFC’s legs in bed. In this way, Blondie’s always alerted to the moment when our BFC wakes up. When our BFC gets up, she always goes into the bathroom first and Blondie goes with her.My view while I eat. Then our BFC goes to the kitchen and immediately puts a scoop of food in Blondie’s dish. Sometimes, Blondie starts eating right away, but sometimes she waits while our BFC fills Punkie’s dish and lastly my dish. Then, Blondie will eat.
"MMM...Good!" I think Blondie just likes to make sure that our BFC knows the routine, but secretly, I think Blondie just wants to make sure that everyone gets some food in their dish. I think she thinks Punkie and I won’t have to eat out of her dish then. Punkie very seldom eats out of Blondie’s dish, but Punkie does eat from my dish sometimes. But that’s okay ’cause I sometimes eat out of Punkie’s dish. But...now you all have to promise you won’t tell Blondie (though, I think she’s caught on),
"Blondie's food dish is sooooo tempting..." Should I or
shouldn’t I...

but I eat out of Blondie’s dish a lot. It’s just that her dish is right there when you come down the hall into the kitchen. You know, when you’re starving, sometimes you just can’t even make it to the other side of the refrigerator.
"Looks good to me..." Finally I got past that foam stuff down to the bare wood.
You know, there’s one thing my BFC and BMC don’t seem to like. I just learned it from Punkie, though. I used to watch Punkie scratch the arms of the sofa. She can really get into it. So, I tried it one day, and it’s great. But my BMC says I ruined the sofa. I must admit that one arm has this foam stuff hanging out, but my BMC and BFC just don’t understand. Punkie’s a featherweight. I just have a lot more muscle than her.
"Carpet and twine just isn't as good as wood!"
At least the sofa doesn’t tip over when you put a claw on it!

My BMC and BFC keep trying to get me to use this scratching post. But, it moves around, it wobbles and is downright wimpy compared to my favorite scratching post—the sofa. A cat’s got to do what a cat’s got to do.
"Blondie snoozing."I’m the last one to take my morning nap. After she eats in the morning, Blondie immediately retires to the front of the space heater in the dining room—she usually doesn’t budge until lunch time. (Guess what??? Blondie snores! She claims she doesn’t.)
"False alarm, Punkie!" Punkie, on the other paw, hangs out on the pillows in one of the front windows. She likes to watch the birds and squirrels in the tree in front of our building. Then, she usually settles down for her nap.
Me, I don’t know what it is, but I can’t sleep right away. Maybe I just have too much energy. My BFC says I’m afraid I’m going to miss something. Maybe she’s right. Who knows???
Zzzzzzzz When I do finally get pooped, I like sleeping behind the space heater...it’s toasty. At night, I like sleeping with my BMC. He’s got a nice hairy arm that makes a good pillow and he’s pretty toasty, too. Sometimes, I like to go under the bed and ambush anyone who walks by. During the day, I do like sleeping in my BFC’s lap when she’s working on the computer or on the sofa next to the desk so I can make sure she’s really working!

There's a really big tree outside our kitchen windows.
I like watching the leaves move...I never know if it’s wind
or birdies or squirrels!

Last updated: November 2000
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