I'm sooooo bored!!!
I have mixed emotions about leaving showbiz. A few months after I came to live here, I sent in a picture of myself to a movie producer who was looking for a kitty to use on a movie poster. But I guess his letter was lost in the mail.

"Beau! GET AWAY FROM THAT LAMP!"Sometimes I think I’m content...you know, leaving all the glitz and glamour behind. And believe me, I sure know how hard those rats worked. But then again, I get bored, and usually when I’m bored, I do get in trouble.

"Wake me when it's MY turn..."Those are the times when I keep trying to wrestle and play with my sisters. So, after spending a lot of time on my BFC’s lap while she’s at the computer, I’ve taken an interest in this Web stuff. Seems like a good way for me to keep my paw in the biz and I don’t even have to leave home to do it. So, I’m going to try channeling some of my pent up energy in this Web site...and you never know, maybe there’s some big time Hollywood producer type out there looking for tomorrow’s star. It don’t hurt to dream big!

"Wouldn't my name look good in lights..."

News Flash
Due to my web site, I now have an agent and am available for TV, movie roles and national advertising campaigns! Wowie-zowie, I'm so excited! Check it out!

Last updated: December 2000
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