Tomorrow is today...

The day after...
The Black Food Dish Project ’99

Their hunger pangs intensified once they started hearing of Black Food Dish sightings from kitties around the world...

“C’est magnifique!”

Toulouse, France

“Que tan Delicioso!”
Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Spot on, Food Dish!”

Bristol, England

They began to worry and ask, “Will we ever see the Black Food Dish again?”

Until they could answer that question, all they had were their memories...and their paws and whiskers.

Each kitty waited in their own way...


Anyone know any good ghost stories?Beau decided to set up a tent in the middle of the living room, believing he could fool the Black Food Dish into thinking this was a new household.

Better than Snap, Crackle, Pop!

He became so obsessed that he thought he saw the Black Food Dish everywhere...

Keep a clear eye!Punkie’s theory, on the other paw, assumed the Black Food Dish would reappear in front of Beau’s bed, and she wanted to be the first to eat from it.

Take the high ground!

She put her Sundance Film Festival dream on hold, spending her waking moments looking for the elusive Dish.

  Don't call me Punkie!

Blondie, perhaps the wisest of the three kitties, would be happy if the Black Food Dish returned. However, she didn’t let anything interfere with her favorite pasttimes...eating and sleeping.

Don't mess with MY bed!Content in her lifestyle, she believed ‘whatever will be will be’ and there’s no sense in crying over spilt milk...

Don't mess with me!

Not  a creature was stirring...

Another night and the kitties are again filled with hope that tomorrow will be the special day...

In the Black Food Dish documentary, Punkie was forced to delete several scenes for a variety of reasons.

One Down..Eight To Go
I'm NOT scared...I was looking for my horsey!
This scene was shot by Punkie shortly after the Black Food Dish made its appearance. A shocked Beau hid under the sofa cover. He later refused to sign his release unless Punkie cut ‘this offensive shot’ from the documentary.

For A Few Dishes More
The BMC is concerned as he comforts “his boy” who had a tummyache after eating so much of the delicious food. Punkie later regretted ‘wasting film’ shooting this scene believing it too lighthearted to be included in her serious documentary.

The 6th Scent
Nose cam
Blondie shot this scene of Punkie’s nose smelling the Black Food Dish. In post-production, Punkie felt it did not contribute anything to her documentary, and more importantly, she didn’t consider it very flattering to her image.

The Dish Files
Weeks after the Black Food Dish disappeared, the kitties got an unexpected visit from Special Agents of the FBI who were following leads on the Dish. Punkie, in the midst of post-production, did not welcome the intrusion.This is the only footage approved by the Bureau, for fear of jeopardizing their agents’ cover.

What I'm looking for is the Beta version, the laser disk and the 8-track movie soundtrack...Coming soon from Punkie Productions...
The Director’s Cut of the Black Food Dish Project on video and DVD*.
Someday I hope to work on a real production!*Special features included on DVD:
Director’s Commentary, Language Selections, Production Notes, Theatrical Trailers, Cast and Crew Interviews, Broken Dish: A Filmmaker’s Odyssey  (a behind the scenes film short), Interactive Game and more.

Viewers may be surprised to learn that not all of the drama took place in front of the camera.

Due to the highly unusual nature of the Black Food Dish phenomenon, emotions ran high during filming. Frequent outbursts and out-of-control pranksterism became the norm among the clashing egos of the cast and crew, exposing the hairy, dark underbelly of the project.

Viewer discretion is advised.

Two Hams
I thought I saw a pudy cat!
This is Punkie’s original light test using Beau’s stand-in, ruined because Beau couldn’t resist sneaking into the shot.

Best Boy
Punkie recruited the Big Male Cat to work for Punkie Productions as her gofer and to shoot publicity stills  
on the set. She hoped the job would keep his mind off the Endless-Beer-from-Elvis-In-A-Flying-Saucer-Legend which tormented him.

Excedrin Headache #6
This is not a good time to ask for an autograph!
Blondie walked off the set after she found out Punkie intended to cut one of her close-ups. Claiming she had a headache, Blondie retired to her bed refusing to speak to anyone. Time was crucial, but production shut down for several hours.

Take 2
To take advantage of the unscheduled shooting break, Punkie decided to catch a much needed nap. Prankster Beau surprised the sleepy Punkie by shooting some footage of her yawning, not realizing he was double-exposing footage of the Black Food Dish! He was later to regret this.

Ham Gets Cooked
Blondie’s headache mysteriously disappeared in time to record Punkie warning Beau that he could be fired from the documentary for ruining important footage. Humbled, Beau agreed to follow Punkie Productions’ studio rules.

Star Wars
Where were you on the night of...
Egos that had been tested the day before, became strained almost beyond repair the morning the Dish disappeared. Accusations of thievery with paw-to-paw clashes erased the enchantment of the previous day, threatening to permanently shut down production.

Many have wondered what happened to the mysterious objects left after the Black Food Dish disappeared. The silly Big Cats saved these precious mementos...

I don't think we're in Kansas any more...

The cat stick figure, now framed in a shadow box, hangs next to a world map displaying locations of Elvis sightings...

while the pile of stones left in front of Beau’s bed were just the right size for the pot of a small bonsai tree, which somehow never seems to need watering...

Next time I'll use union actors!

The kitties, however, had their own memories.

The end is the beginning...

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Since the early days of his “disappearance,” there have been countless Elvis sightings alongside sightings of UFOs...often by the same individuals.

Now for the first time, the truth is boldly revealed in this gut-wrenching, beer-searching expose which explores the possibility of the two phenomena being one and the same!

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