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What?  Me next?  No problem.Hi there. I’m Punkie. My BFC is teaching me html, in secret, so I can have my own page.

I must tell you I’ve had quite enough of my brother’s stories of our household. I’m here to give you the truth. Do you want to know what really happened at the vet??

I was the only good one at our visit. My BFC and BMC even said so!

Beau may be big, weight-wise, but he was also a big chicken. He didn’t let
Dr. Arden take his temperature. He hissed. And my BFC had to distract him so she could give him his shots!

Me with Dr. ArdenNow, I gave Dr. Arden no trouble whatsoever. She is nice and after seeing my brother’s display and knowing Blondie was panicky, I figured the poor lady needed a good experience with our family. I was quite calm while she took my temperature, gave me my shots and checked me over. No big deal. The lady was only doing her job.

That tickles!!!!!And I can’t stand it any longer...I did not knock anything off the counter. I am graceful and I can jump very well and high. It was Beau who knocked things off the counter!

But here’s the biggest scoop: Beau cried in the car all the way to the vet and all the way home!

Stay tuned...my BFC has promised to help me a lot, so you’ll be seeing a lot more truth on these pages.

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