Treehouse There’s this cool place I got to tell you about. It’s called Tree House Animal Foundation. Blondie and Punkie lived there before they moved in here and they’ve been telling me about it. (All the photos on this page were taken by my BMC when he and my BFC visited Tree House recently.) cat on chairYou can stay there as long as you want or until a Big Female or Big Male Cat comes to take you to their house. On the first floor there are offices and the vet’s place. There are lots of cats all over, taking naps, watching visitors, and some cats even get to help the Big Cats do paperwork at desks.
desk 1 desk 2
But all the big action happens on the second floor—this is where all the cats live who are waiting to adopt Big Cats. They have bunches of those cat condos...you know, those cat condoswonderful, carpeted, tall perches that us cats just love to climb and sleep on. There are food and water dishes all over and litter boxes, too. Big Female and Big Male Cats come here and let the cats in residence pick them. Big Cats can even come here just to visit the cats in residence.
BFC food donationSo, for all you Big Female or Big Male Cats living in Chicago, check the place out. It’s got the Blondie and Punkie seal of approval (or in Punkie’s case, it’s got a four-tuna-rating)! If you don’t live in Chicago, I’m sure there are similar places around the country.  And don’t forget these shelters appreciate donations—money, food and supplies!
cats eating I highly recommend Basic Rules for Cats Who Have a House to Run. Very informative for cats just getting started in a new household (Big Cats sometimes read it, too...one can only hope they might learn something!). (See also: The Bad Kitty List.)
big guy

Another cool site for cats and Big Cats is Cat Fanciers. Lots of interesting stuff and links.
babies (Everybody loves babies!)
Ya absolutely got to check out Diabella Loves Cats. Lots of good info about us cats and some real good stories. Among other stuff, Diabella will tell you about this dog named Ginny who rescues cats (especially sick and handicapped cats). one eyeThere are lots of pictures of Ginny and the cats that live with her and Philip Gonzalez. Ginny and Philip even wrote two books about their rescue adventures. Four paws up for Ginny and Philip and Diabella, too, for spreading their story!
blind And of course I couldn’t forget CatStuff. If any of you cats are starting your own web page, you can find some neat graphics and animations at Glenda Moore’s site (she’s a pretty talented Big Female Cat). And, you can visit Libby, Su-Su, Galahad, Buster and the insightful Stanley!

When my BMC and BFC and I were selecting the pictures for this page, my heart skipped a beat when I saw all the photos of Coretta. I sure hope Coretta adopts a BMC or BFC like mine who surf the Web. Maybe she’ll see this poem I wrote one night when I couldn’t sleep.
coretta 2
coretta 3 coretta

you are toastier than a winter bed
a warm lick on my head
a stroke under my chin
better than any catnip tin

you are a contented purr
warmer than the sun on my fur
tastier than any tuna fish
in my overflowing food dish

you are fresher than any litter,
my own sweet fluffy critter,
gentle as the moon’s beams
always—forever in my dreams
coretta 1
coretta 4
(This is Beau’s BFC speaking. I have been asked by Blondie and Punkie to provide them with some editorial space here.)
Blondie: Finally, some computer time of our own!
Punkie: Do you believe that idiot brother of ours? Look at all those hearts up there.
Blondie: Yeah, I know. And he picked the music too. He thinks Coretta is a “hot babe.”
Punkie: The boy’s got it bad.
Blondie: Hee-hee! He thinks that even if Coretta adopted some Big Cats from Tree House, she might be out there somewhere surfin’ the Web looking for his site, like she has nothin’ better to do.
Punkie: And she’ll be overcome with his love??? Ha!
Blondie: More like she’ll be overcome by a hairball.
BFC: That’s enough, girls!
"Coretta, where are you?"
Last updated: August 2000
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