"Horsey...I know you're out there somewhere..."When I first came to live here, my BMC and BFC kept me closed up in my own room while they went to work. They were afraid of what might happen if Blondie, Punkie and I were left unsupervised. It probably would have been a big cat fight (pun certainly intended!)."Blondie and Punkie playing." I do remember when my BMC and BFC came home, they would let me out and I always would come out running around the corner of the refrigerator and my BMC would always laugh. You see, probably my worst feature is that I’m "Who wants to play.....?"just a little bowlegged (don’t even say it—Beau’s bowlegged—I’ve heard it a zillion times). But I’d always be looking for the first sister I could find to jump on to wrestle. Those first few weeks were kind of tense—you know, getting to know your new sisters.
"I really liked being here on top of this box."Anyway, I had my own bed, food and water dish, and my own litter box in this room. It was"My favorite closet to play in." a cozy setup and pretty interesting. There are lots of boxes and bags stored in this room (oh, I hear Punkie spent some time in here when she first arrived, too). Lots of nooks and crannies to explore and get into.
I also had lots of toys in there. One of my favorites was one of those gizmos...(oops, sorry, Gizmo. He’s the Jack Russell Terrier who lives downstairs. We’ve only met "Come on out ball...play with me and my Horsey."through a screen door, but he seems pretty okay for a dog)...it was one of those round, plastic contraptions that has a ball that goes round and round. Never could figure out how to get that darned ball out. I still keep trying, though.

"My Horsey!"Anyway, I do have fond memories of that time. It was during this time that I acquired my stuffed horsey with a bell. Originally, he was attached to a long, elastic string that my BFC tied to the doorknob. I remember playing with that horsey for hours. Eventually, somehow, he lost that long, elastic string. When I no longer had to be closed up in the room, I still would play with that horsey. I carried him around in my mouth and whenever the mood struck, I would lay down and wrestle around with him. I think he’s still around in the basket under the front window. I’ll have to look that guy up!
"Hey Horsey, let's play!""Some of my BORING toys."
Last updated: August 2000
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