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Caution - Cat on Duty. (Here I am pulling double guard duty—on the front door and my BMC’s Civil War tintypes—I take my duties seriously!)

I’m named after a Confederate Civil War General, Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard—what a mouthful—my BMC and BFC are Civil War Buffs! But I answer to Beau (it’s a lot easier).

This Beauregard Big Cat had his men fire on Fort Sumter in South Carolina and this kinda started the Civil War... I only attack my sisters.

Mommy's Bobo Boy! Here she is doing it! Ych!!!

"WHAT is going on here?" General Beauregard
(I wonder if he’d like my site?)

Only my BFC and BMC call me “Bobo” and sometimes I let my BFC call me “Mommy’s Bobo Boy.” Ych!! But she’s usually stroking me, or rubbing me under my chin, or scratching behind my ears when she calls me this, so I let her.

"My BMC rubbing my blaze for luck!When I’m wrestling with my BMC and I get a little rough, he calls me all these strange names that I’ve never heard before. But most of the time, he says I’m wickedly handsome, so I’m just a little vain...

The view outside my favorite window.
Last updated: November 2000
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