"Here kitty, kitty, kitty..."

The Legend

Day One
A black food dish, overflowing with treats, appears in front of Beauregard’s bed. He had heard strange noises in the middle of the night, but thought nothing of it.

"I hope Blondie doesn't see this..."
Day One
At first Beauregard thinks he is dreaming when he sees the dish, but he quickly brings Blondie and Punkie over to see it.

"I hope Punkie doesn't see this..."
Day One
Punkie wisely suggests that the three of them begin documenting this event. They all take turns running the video camera.

"I hope Beau doesn't see this..."
Day One

Blondie remembers hearing about the black food dish when she lived at Tree House Animal Foundation—several of the older kitties related the legend...

"Every kitty's dream..."

No one knows where it comes from. No one knows why it appears. No one knows what happens to it when it suddenly disappears. No one knows when or where it will appear again. Lucky kitties should just take advantage and eat the food when the dish appears because they may never see it again.

Day One
After eating from the black food dish for a while, the three kitties decide to interview their Big Cats about this legend.

Day One

“Nope, I haven’t heard anything about a black food dish...I have heard another legend, though...A flying saucer lands in some guy’s backyard...Elvis comes out and hands him a can of beer. Now here’s the interesting part...the beer never runs out...Imagine that...it never runs out...Some day, I’ll have to look into it...Who wants to catch this toy mouse at the end of my plastic fishin’ pole?”

Day One

“Hmmm...a black food dish that mysteriously appears and is filled with food...filled with food that all three of you like! That’s a legend all right...you want me to look it up for you on the Internet? I could try Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, HotBot, Lycos, Alta Vista, eBay, blah-blah-blah...”

Day One
The three kitties quickly realize their Big Cats don’t know jack about the legend.

Day One to
Day Two

All that day, the three of them eat from the black food dish. The food tastes wonderful—better than any food they’ve ever had...and the dish never runs out!


Day Two

While on his way to the front window to check out the morning birdies, Beauregard is suddenly spooked when he comes upon his bed...which he hadn’t slept in due to the heat. He is so shocked, he takes refuge in the plants nearby. Beauregard calls to Punkie, who is already in the front window. She grabs the video camera and comes running.

"I think I hear my Meowmy calling!"
Day Two

Punkie, documents her findings at the site of Beauregard’s bed.

"Have a nice day!"

Day Two
After their initial shock, all three kitties take turns investigating the strange phenomenon—gone is the wonderful black food dish...and in its place...a cat stick figure hanging from the bed...too clever for their Big Cats to have made...and a pile of stones, forming a strange design.

"How come Beau gets all the new toys...""How come Beau gets all the nice toys?""Wow, new toys!"
Photographs courtesy of Punkie Productions.

Day Two
The three kitties carefully collect and document the last remaining crumbs of food left around the bed. They hope to save these for posterity.

"Better document them before Beau eats them..."
Day Two
Beauregard can’t stop himself—he eats the last wonderful-tasting crumbs of food.

Too late!
Day Two
Day Five

It took Punkie and Blondie a few days to try to forgive Beauregard for eating the remaining precious crumbs...

Soon, they all calmed down from their experience and wondered how it would affect their lives.

The Legend The Kitties The Aftertaste

One year later, the saga continues...
Paws and Whiskers

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