This is my BMC’s latest project.

He created these images that hopefully capture the peacefulness of walking through The Soldiers’ National Cemetery and Evergreen Cemetery on the last trip to Gettysburg. I gave in and allowed him more space on my website!

Oh well, I have to admit, they are pleasant to look at.

Soldiers' National Cemetery - April 1999.
View of Soldiers’ National Cemetery.
Soldiers’ National Monument.
Soldiers' National Cemetery - April 1999.
Canon in National Cemetery.
Canon in the National Cemetery. Evergreen Cemetery in the background.
Close-up view of Soldiers’ National Monument.
Soldiers' National Monument - April 1999.
Huge tree in the National Cemetery - April 1999.
Very old, large tree in the National Cemetery.
Friend to Friend Monument in the National Cemetery depicting a Union soldier aiding a wounded Confederate.
Friend to Friend.
View of Soldiers' National cemetery - April 1999.
View of National Cemetery.
Grave of Jenny Wade, the only civilian killed during the battle, buried in Evergreen Cemetery.
Jenny Wade's grave - April 1999.
Big Urn in Evergreen Cemetery - April 1999.
Memorial in Evergreen Cemetery.
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