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Managing purrsonal cat finances for over one hundred years

About the Company
The company was founded in Chicago in 1845 by brothers Seymour and Joe Himalayan. Orphaned at an early age, they spent a year struggling in
Deli Deli where the brothers got their start.
various streets and alleys. Good fortune shone upon them in the form of a kindly Big Cat deli owner, who offered them shelter in exchange for rodent maintenance. The brothers soon branched out, offering their services to other area businesses.
Their aggressive outlook on growth was not easy to accomplish and took several years of hard work and hard thinking before the brothers had achieved financial independence and considered opening their own business—an employment agency. Their early partnerships
HHF World HQ at One Financial Cat Plaza
HHF World Headquarters
One Financial Cat Plaza
with the deli owner and other area businesses served as the launching pad for numerous cats’ careers in engineered rodent maintenance. In just a short span, they had improved the lifestyles of thousands of Chicago cats, who like themselves, had experienced meager beginnings.
By 1861, the Himalayan brothers’ success spread and many cats, grateful for the brothers’ help, sent them small monetary gifts as tokens of affection and esteem for having improved their lives. It was during this time that Seymour’s wife, Fluffy, joined the brothers. It was Fluffy’s suggestion to take these gifts and invest in cat product companies. Thus, Himalayan Himalayan Fluffy (HHF) began full-scale operation in Chicago during those tumultuous Civil War years of 1861-65. While other investment firms were losing direction, HHF maintained its perspective.
One Financial Cat Plaza
Nearly one hundred years later, during the 1940’s, another period of great economic turmoil, the firm, then run by Meyer and Dick Himalayan, descendants of the founding brothers, as well as Fluffy 27th, great-granddaughter (many times removed) of Seymour’s wife by her first marriage, seriously turned its efforts from solely concentrating on successfully managing purrsonal cat finances to offering a wider variety of financial instruments and investment advice. The firm’s reputation was cast; even during times of great national calamity, the firm flourishes through careful management.
financial cat plazaToday, HHF manages the assets of the discriminating cat’s finances, and advises in the management of individual stock portfolios along with offering accountancy services that allow cats to take utmost advantage of their Nine Lives Lifestyle® in relation to changing tax laws.

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HHF’s goal since its inception, has been to maximize return on assets regardless of prevailing economic conditions. Our formula for success has been widely copied by other firms these past 130 years, but it has never been proven as successful as ours in the long term. While other companies are content to maintain respectable returns during existing economic situations, we at HHF eagerly look forward to maximizing new opportunities presenting themselves now and in the coming millennium.
graphWe believe in the concept of risk. Our goal has always been to invest in ventures that operate on the vanguard of new cat products or services that nearly insure investment growth, but yet are not a serious detriment to a firm’s overall vested assets in situations of economic downturn.
Annual ReportWe facilitate this goal by fully utilizing our in-house market research/data collection facilities, along with extensive data analysis that objectively gauges the marketplace for consumer acceptance of new ventures. HHF believes this consumer insight to be the crucial difference between the success or failure of a venture and is an important component to our firm’s success.
The Director of this unit, J. P. Abyssinian, Ph.D., son-in-law of Mr. Bob Himalayan, reports directly to the Principals.
HHF is truly a full-service investment house which will help you achieve your financial goals and maximize your Nine Lives Lifestyle®.

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We at HHF specialize in handling accounts for cats who want their finances to keep up with their Nine Lives Lifestyles®. We at HHF are proud to say that for over one hundred years, cats have put their trust in us.

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hhf boardroom
HHF Boardroom
HHF is proud of its history and that management of the firm has been passed down through generations of Himalayans. Each Principal of the firm specializes in individualized services for our members.
Mr. Bob Himalayan, is a specialized advisor in Overall Fund Management.
Mr. Herman Himalayan, advises in individual Investment Growth and Returns along with Opportunities in Tax Laws.
Ms. Fluffy 41st is in charge of our Customer Service Operations and not only insures that each client is fully informed as to their portfolio performance, but also advises new clients on the financial instruments that are best suited to their needs.
All have lectured extensively at various institutions.


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Since we at HHF specialize in customized services for our clientele, it would not be appropriate for us to discuss fees for individualized services here.
Discretion is one of our strongest assets.
When you feel you are ready to invest for a fulfilling Nine Lives Lifestyle® or to request more information, simply email us at: hhf@paws.kom

Remember, YOUR future is in YOUR paws.


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