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Typical Day
"Hey Van, Hey Herb."Traditionally, when they arrive in Gettysburg, my BMC and BFC head directly to one of their favorite stores in town near the Circle...Fields of Glory, owned by their old friends, Herb and Van (they wrote a book about the battle with the same name as their
Edgar Allan Poe's brother???
One of my BMC’s Confederate tintypes.
store). The store is filled with tons of Civil War artifacts, memorabilia, and numerous books and is open late during the summer or for booksignings. If it’s open, they go check out what’s new. My BMC collects Civil War soldier tintypes and is always eager to add to his collection.

Then they’ll head to the motel where they always stay—it’s within walking distance of everything in town.

"Pass the pomade please..."
General George Pickett

Once they get settled in, they’re usually pretty hungry so they go to their favorite restaurant...General Pickett’s Buffet.

"Dee-licious!"There, they get a warm welcome from Robin, who’s the headwaiter, and Gary, the owner. Robin always has something interesting to relate about the battle—he always asks diners where they’re from and he can always connect the battle to their home state. This is how my BMC and BFC found out that the first shot fired during the battle was from an Illinois cavalryman.

Look at the water!
Sachs Bridge, which survived the Civil War but was badly damaged during a flood a couple years ago. It’s since been rebuilt. My BMC took these photos. Robin has documented the whole restoration and dedication of the new bridge.
"Hey BFC, don't fall off!"

(Robin is also a photographer and if you’re lucky to go there, be sure to check out his photos of Pennsylvania covered bridges and equestrian monuments which decorate the walls of the restaurant.) After a big meal with delicious dessert they take a brief walk back to their room and a good snooze.


Early the next morning, they head to Dunlap’s (formerly Sunny Ray Restaurant) for a good country breakfast. The waitresses there are always real friendly and the food is great. The former owner has a neat web site, featuring a screen saver and seasonal photos of Gettysburg!

Then, it’s back to the motel to pick up their bikes and my BMC’s camera equipment and out to the Battlefield Visitor’s Center to find out what’s new and then to the battlefield itself for a good portion of the day.

General James Longstreet
General James Longstreet’s newly installed monument (summer 1998).
During the battle, and ever since, Gettysburg has been documented by illustrators and photographers; the most Dry plate photography?!?famous being Matthew Brady. Now my BMC wants to take his turn by shooting a lot of experimental photographs that capture the timeless mood of the battlefield. He’s also done some other images of the Cemeteries. Here are some snapshots my BFC took of him in action.
BMC at Lion Rock.
My BFC and BMC discovered this boulder near Little Round Top. They call it “lion rock.” (Notice the elegant profile!)
BMC Flasher
My BMC taking a photo of my BFC taking his picture in Reynolds Woods. (They sure get wacky while on vacation!)
While on the battlefield, my BMC and BFC come across a lot of wild life. (Guess it’s pretty amazing to my BMC in the wild!Chicago city slickers!) Once when they were driving the battlefield at night, an owl flew across the road in front of their car, surprising them. Another time, they discovered a herd of deer in a field catching some rays and an afternoon nap. On another "Hold that pose!"afternoon, a woodpecker was doing his thing rather loudly distracting my BMC while he was shooting pictures, and another time, my BMC and BFC were startled when they almost stepped on a snake in a field. Then there Camera--BMC on break!are always bunches of squirrels and chipmunks running around the forests. The Park Service leases much of the land to Any fish?local farmers, so you can often see cows and horses grazing in various fields. Besides being historical, the battlefield sure is beautiful, with lots of hills, streams and forests, and while my BMC is taking pictures, my BFC is shooting videos or photos of the landscape. (Boy, Punkie and I could really get into this wildlife scene—birds and squirrels up close and personal instead of through a window!)
By early afternoon, my BMC and BFC are pretty pooped Great way to spend an afternoon.from biking so they head back to the motel to pick up their car and take a drive to some antique stores in
"Pass the salt please."
No home is complete without Gettysburg bowling pin salt and pepper shakers!
town (Mel’s Mall is one of their favorite spots—it reminds them of someone’s attic. They just started collecting old Gettysburg souvenirs...they call it kitsch). They also enjoy driving to other favorite antique stores in nearby New Oxford. And sometimes, they just pick a direction and drive for an hour or so, taking in the beautiful countryside.

My BMC and BFC like to end their day with either a walk around town, a ghost story, a drive to Little Round Top to catch the sunset, or all of the above.

"Hey BFC, better get an umbrella."
My BFC on Little Round Top at night.

Sounds like a pretty full day to me, but when do they have time for their cat naps?

UPDATE: Just recently, we were informed that there is a new dinner theater in town called The Gettysburg Civil War Era Dinner Theater which features Civil War era magic performed by Professor Kerrigan. Can't wait to check it out. See you there!
Last updated: November 2002
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