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My BMC and BFC started collecting old Gettysburg souvenirs just a couple trips ago. At first, they limited their collection to items from the 1950s-60s (the years they grew up), but now they’ve begun to accumulate current souvenirs also.

This collecting has become a contest between them, and is not restricted to the Gettysburg area. My BFC found a bell (see below) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Boy, was my BMC’s nose out of joint about that one!

Can you believe their collection resides in the same house with my excellent art collection?!? Just another example of how I must occasionally indulge them!


Timeworn, ceramic Gettysburg ashtray...

Too bad the cannon isn’t a, that would be impressive!


New and old ceramic Gettysburg bells. Guess which is which.

Clue: inflation has taken it’s “toll”.

So charming! Gettysburg snowglobe and Christmas ornament...I can’t even comment.
I could get into golf--it's got birdies!

Fore! Could it possibly be one of Ike’s old balls?

Nope, purchased at the Gettysburg Wal investment for the future.

What?!?  No matching paper cups and plates!?!

Official paper napkins.

I hope Blondie gets these for Christmas.

Is the pen refillable? Gettysburg pen and pencils...perfect for filling out those postcards to the kitties back home.
This is just some of the stuff they’ve collected. Check back periodically as they showcase more of their junk...I mean collection!
Last updated: August 2000
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