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Gettysburg SquareThe actual town of Gettysburg is very historical. Many of the buildings date back to the War and this is indicated by a little plaque on the front—Civil War Building. A few of the buildings, such as Dobbin House (a restaurant) even date to Revolutionary times. Dobbin House was a station on the Underground Railroad during the Civil War. You can see actual little cubby holes where slaves would hide on their way to Canada and freedom. You can take a walking tour of the town and still see bullet and shell marks on some of the buildings.
There are two other important landmarks
"My BFC's favorite building." My BFC in front of the seminary building.
within the town—the Lutheran Seminary and Gettysburg College. The Lutheran Seminary, located on Seminary Ridge, was important during the first day's fighting (July 1). General John BufordUnion General John Buford used the cupola of one of the buildings to observe the battle as well as to keep a lookout for General John F. Reynolds and his reinforcements. By the end of the day, the

Observation tower on Seminary Ridge.
Confederate forces pushed the Union army back through town, where the Union regrouped to Cemetery Ridge. It’s said that General Robert E. Lee then used the same cupola for observation.
Gettysburg CollegeAt the time of the war what is now known as Gettysburg College was then called Pennsylvania College. Many of the campus buildings were used as hospitals. Several of these same buildings are now used as dorms and many are thought to be haunted...
Almost all of the town’s Civil War Buildings were used as General Meade's HQ on a rainy day.hospitals during the battle and for several months afterwards—from barns to churches, schools and residences. At the timeGeneral Lee's HQ of the battle, the townspeople were very afraid of the Southerners (Chambersburg, a nearby town, had been burned by the Confederates). But as the battle progressed, the townspeople readily took wounded soldiers into their homes, regardless of which side they had fought on.
Toes and bricks.My BMC and BFC are rather proud that they own real estate in Gettysburg. My BMC bought these bricks , with their names inscribed as an anniversary gift (how romantic!). They are standing with their toes pointing to their names. Their bricks are located right in Will's Housefront of the Will’s House, where Abraham Lincoln stayed the night before he gave his Gettysburg Address in the National Abraham LincolnCemetery. The town of Gettysburg sells these bricks (which are placed in the town square). Proceeds from these brick sales go to preserving the center of town to the way it looked at the time of the war!
For more information about the town or if you want to plan a trip yourself, check out the Gettysburg Visitors Bureau.
My BMC cleaning his brick.
My BMC cleaning his brick in front of the Will's House.

So how come they didn’t buy me a brick...?
Last updated: August 2000
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