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Kabooom!The last week of June and the first week of July is a special time in Gettysburg, called Civil War Heritage Days—commemorating the anniversary of the battle (July 1-3). There are some major reenactments of portions of the battle, with thousands of reenactors taking part, and thousands of spectators. There are also lots of special events scheduled during this time like lectures, book signings, and a big Civil War
"Hi Ron!"
Ron Maxwell, overwhelmed at meeting my BMC!
collectors show. A couple years ago, my BMC and BFC even got to meet Ron Maxwell, who directed the movie, Gettysburg. They’ve also met several famous authors and historians. They have quite an autographed collection of books on Gettysburg.
Union troopsThe Saturday closest to November 19 is called Remembrance Day. A Soldiers' National Monumentparade of reenactors marches from the center of town, down Baltimore Street to the National Cemetery, following the same route Confederate troopsthat President Lincoln, the townspeople, and various dignitaries took from town to the Cemetery in l863. There is a special wreath laying ceremony at the Soldiers’ National Monument.
November 19 is the anniversary of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, and a special ceremony takes place in the Gabor Boritt
November 19, 1863 Dedication of The National Cemetery, November 19, 1863.
National Cemetery with guest speakers (novelist and historian, Shelby Foote, was there the year before my BMC and BFC started going to Gettysburg). The last time my BMC and BFC went for this special occasion, they heard Gabor S. Boritt, a famous Lincoln scholar and professor at Gettysburg College, give the keynote speech. Jay Ungar and Molly MasonJay Unger and Molly Mason performed Ashokan Farewell, the song written by Mr. Ungar and used as the theme of Ken
Lincoln in Cemetery
President Lincoln, seated in center, waiting to give his Address.
Burns’ The Civil War. At the end of the ceremony, the last speaker is a Gettysburg resident, James Getty, who very strongly resembles Abraham Lincoln, and of course he recites President Lincoln’s address. My BMC and BFC say that if you close your eyes, you go back to November 19, James Getty as Abraham Lincoln1863! They also told me that as Mr. Getty started reciting the Gettysburg Address, the sun remarkably made it’s appearance in what had been an overcast day! (Goose bump time!)
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