Wowie-zowie!! I’ve made so many friends on the Internet that I now need a new page for their pictures. Check them out. Lots of talented Yuscies out there!


Tucson, AZHi, I'm Mittens.

This is my new buddy Mittens. He's a cool Tuxie from Tucson. Here’s a baby picture he sent—resting after chasing some lizards! Oooeee, Mittens the watchcat!!


Why don't you  wash your hands some  place else!?However, when things get hot in the desert, Mittens likes to get a good night’s sleep in a cool place.

Got milk?? Mittens, like most kitties, enjoys a good bag. They’re also one of my favorite should see some of my bags... Mittens, you’re one cool kitty! His Big Female Cat says that he has a milk mustache!


Tucker, aka, Panda Paws

Hi Tucker!Here’s Tucker, my new bud from Tennessee! He was born May 2002, so he’s still a pretty young Yuscie. He also has a neat web site called Fluff and Stuff and even added me to his Black and White Cat’s Hall of Fame page! Wowie-zowie!! Tucker, you’ve got class!!

Tucker sent me this special graphic for St. Pat’s Day!
Hey Tucker, what did you do with the leprechaun?

A pot o' Gold!!


Raider & Bonez

These handsome and stylish guys are my new dog buddies! They’re two-year-old Labrador/Rottweiler pups and are full of energy...well, at least Raider is (he’s on the left). Bonez is kinda...lazy! They both enjoy chewing on carpets and blankets, but most of all they enjoy a stroll in the park. Bet the girls in the park find them irresistible!


If you’d like to be a part of this page, send me a photo of yourself with a short bio. (If you don’t have a digital photo, just email me and I’ll send you my snail mail address—I’ll scan your photo and return it to you.)

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Blanche in the North Pond
This is “Blanche” who lives in the North Pond in Lincoln Park.
My Big Cats like to go there and feed her and her friends.

Last updated: March 2004
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