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I’ve made a lot of friends since my web site has been up. Want to be my friend?Naturally, all my new friends are handsome or gorgeous—real Yuscie (Young Urban Sophisti-Cat) material! So, I wanted to share their photos with you (hopefully, their Big Cats will get them their own web sites, once they see how photogenic they are on the web). Enjoy!


Oliver and FosterOliver and Foster

Oliver (orange tabby) and Foster (long-haired tuxedo) lead the good life.

Oliver is Blondie’s boyfriend (she calls him a handsome devil), and they have a lot in common (they both eat special food)!

However, Foster and I love the same pose—belly up (must be a tuxedo thing)! Foster also likes going for car rides and enjoys visitors in his home, especially if they’re doing guy stuff (the carpet cleaner man, the window washer man, or the plumber).

Foster and Oliver take the air in a large cage in their backyard where they can observe the birds and squirrels up close and personal. Oooeee, I am jealous!


Larry and Kitty

LarryLarry is 13 years old. What a handsome orange gentleman! His Big Cats say he is kind and sweet, and he has lived with them since April 1998.

KittyKitty is a year old British Shorthair and has a gray, plush coat. She’s full of life, purr and mischief. Larry and Kitty are madly in love—looks like a perfect match to me!


Rio, FU117 and Divot

RioRio (right) was named after the hotel her Big Cats stayed in when they got married in Las Vegas. Sure looks like the lady’s got the nap thing down real good!Fu117

Fu117 (left) got her name in a peculiar way. Her BMC wanted to call her Fu because her whiskers curl like Fu Manchu but her BFC wanted to call her Jet because she’s all black, fast and silent. So they compromised...117 is a fighter jet. The lady knows a good sink when she sees one!


Rio and Fu117Fu117 & RioOoooeeee, these ladies sure have class!




Here’s the newest member of the family, Divot. Looks like she’s very comfortable in her new home! Rio says that Divot has been sucking up to their BFC—you go girl!


Tiger, Pepper, and Evil

TigerTiger is a 24-pound little tabby who’s put in charge of the house when his Big Cats leave for work in the morning. Tiger’s best friend is Pepper, a Sheltie dog. When Pepper celebrated his second birthday, the Big Cats decided that he needed a Pepperplaymate, so Tiger was Pepper’s birthday present. They’re best friends. (Pepper looks a little funny in this photo because the Big Cats give him a shave in the summer so he doesn’t get real hot—personally I think he’s kind of cool with Tiger and Evilthat bushy tail!)

Tiger and Pepper share their house with Evil who, according to Tiger, is solid black, has bright yellow, beadie little eyes, and lives up to his name.

Tiger also has two sisters, Ebbie-Lynn and her mom, and another brother, Gus.


Silk, Dickens, and Zippo
South Carolina

SilkSilk sure lives up to his name—shiny coat, dude! He’s one and a half years old and his favorite hobbies are wrecking the house, playing with his BFC and napping—all admirable pastimes! And, he likes meeting new lady kitties—what a sly devil!


On the left, Silk's Siamese brother, Dickens (a year old).

On the right, Silk's little brother, Zippo (about 4 months old). What a handsome little dudester!



Essex, England

SpikeSpike is a year and a half old and according to his email, one of his favorite things is eating. He loves Christmas ’cause it always means great leftovers! He has four Big Cats who take care of him (two BMCs and two BFCs).


Bandit, Smokey, Rusty-fari, Mr. Whiskers and Coco

Bandit and SmokeyBandit has three brothers: Smokey (aka Sparky), Rusty-fari (AKA Rocket-cat) and Mr. Whiskers (AKA Whisker Misters). Besides just being a handsome tuxedo, Bandit likes to chase geckos and eat steak sushi and sashimi. Bandit’s BFC is a hula dancer and he frequently practices with her in the living room.

Rusty-fariRusty-fari was born at a missile testing range. Due to his birthplace and the fact that he loves to tear across the lawn, up the trees and across the roof tops in his neighborhood, he's earned the nickname, Rocket-Cat. His birthday is April 15 (IRS day). Rusty-fari calls it a night by draping himself across his BMC with his paws up—the only way to sleep!

Mr. WhiskersMr. Whiskers is the coolest dude in his shades—guess you need those shades if you live in all that sun in Hawaii! He was born on the island of Meow-i (Maui to the Big Cats). When last seen, Mr. Whiskers was heading for the beach with his surf board and a six-pack of Nine Lives!Coco

Here's a picture of Coco. She's the newest addition to the family. Coco is descended from an Old Hawaiian cat family and is a Kathuna (shaman or witch doctor)! She's already worked her magic on me!



Her email says she’s big, beautiful and bad! Personally, I’d like to add that she sure looks hot! Hubba-hubba!



Buster has been with his Big Cats since he was 4 weeks old! He loves to get a drink from the kitchen faucet (faucet water is always best), steals paper napkins from his Big Cats’ laps and sneaks up behind the computer tower to unplug the speakers.

After a hard day, he brings his stuffed mouse upstairs and snuggles up under one of his Big Cat’s chins for a good sleep. In the morning he always brings his mouse back downstairs. Bravo, Buster—you have to take care of your toy buddies!



Squeaky was born in a barn four years ago. The picture on the right was when he was just a baby (you Squeaky and Howard.can just tell he’s going to grow up to be really handsome, like all us tuxedos). His Big Cats say he’s the most gentle and lovable guy they have ever met. Squeaky even has a bunny friend named Howard. Way cool!Squeaky

Whatcha got there, Squeaky? Hmmm...doesn’t look like the breakfast of champion kitties to me...


Here’s Squeaky (left) all grown up—just knew he’d turn out elegant and debonair!


Here's a new picture of Squeaky relaxing. Careful Squeaky, here comes the mailman!!


If you’d like to be a part of this page, send me a photo of yourself with a short bio. (If you don’t have a digital photo, just email me and I’ll send you my snail mail address—I’ll scan your photo and return it to you.)

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Blanche in the North Pond
This is “Blanche” who lives in the North Pond in Lincoln Park.
My Big Cats like to go there and feed her and her friends.

Last updated: November 2001
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