"Come here little birdie..." Lately, I like watching some TV. One of my favorite shows is the end of Sunday Morning, when they show the nature clips. Usually there are birds flying around. They’re pretty cool. There’s been a lot of figure skating on TV recently. I like watching these Big Cats glide around the screen. I also like watching the screen saver on the computer once in a while—it’s Catz II.
Killer My BFC and BMC call this guy Killer! He’s pretty big for one of these floating creatures.
My BMC and BFC have these two really, really big glass water boxes in the dining room. These strange creatures without legs or fur just float around. I sometimes watch them"Hey Killer...wanna play?" from the dining room table. A couple times a day, my BMC and BFC put stuff on top of the water. I try to sniff the can this stuff comes out of...reminds me of the tuna fish cans Punkie likes.

Just the other day, I took up a new sport with my BMC. I try to catch this strange round thing that falls down on a string attached to one of his fingers, but it goes back up the string to his hand real fast. I think this must be some kind of magic."Wheeeeeee...."

Sometimes in the middle of the night, when I’m the only one awake, I like to go up on the desk where he keeps his collection of these things "I'll get you yet!"to investigate how they work. I grab the string of one of them in my teeth, jump down off the desk and the round thing follows, but it doesn’t go back up the string. No matter how much I chew and claw on the string, I just can’t get it to move like it does for my BMC. Maybe it only works if you have fingers...

"It's finally MY turn in the bag..." Of course, I like the usual things...brown paper bags and boxes. You should see all of us sometimes if there’s a bag or box on the floor. My sisters and I kind of take turns going in the bag or box. Even Blondie likes the occasional bag/box. I guess you could say a good bag or box brings out the kitten in every cat.
Just the other day, my BFC came out with this bottle that she calls bubbles. "I'm in BubbleLand!"She takes a stick out of this bottle, blows on it and these round balls start floating around the room. Punkie and I saw a couple of them land on the carpet. When we sniffed them they disappeared! Now, whenever we see our BFC come out with this bottle we’re ready to chase bubbles....Blondie likes to watch.
"Punkie in one of MY favorite windows.""Me in one of MY favorite windows/"Another cool thing I’ve picked up from Punkie is watching birdies and squirrels. Our BFC and BMC have fixed up the front windowsills for us with shelves and a bunch of pillows, so it’s pretty cozy. There are also shelves in the top half of "Hi squirrel...I learned a lot from rodents when I was in showbiz."the windows where my BMC keeps some of his plants.
"Our house...a window each for me and my sisters."Well, there’s this tree that grows in front of our building. We live on the third floor and this tree is taller than our building. So, we have a cat’s eye view of all the activity.
birdiesOnce, there were a bunch of crows in the tree. I was on the pillows and Punkie was on the top shelf. Punkie gets real intense when she’s watching a birdie. She makes these funny sounds...ack, ack, ack, ack...real fast. I prefer the silent kind of watching. It seems like we were there for hours.

(I’ve only seen Blondie in the window a couple times, but she was sleeping ’cause it was sunny. She don’t know what she’s missing!)

"We have a great view of the lot across the street."Summer is the best time to hang out by the windows. Besides our tree, there’s an empty lot across the street and there’s plenty of activity and visitors.

"Hey Bunny, look up here...I'm in the window."
"Hey Birdies, fly across the street to our tree."
Hey bunny and birdies...wanna come up to our house to play??

"Big Cat runners."When it’s warm in Chicago, there seems to be a big cat running race almost every weekend...and sometimes they come down our street. Blondie, Punkie and I like to watch these crazy big cats...we prefer to hold our own races, from one end of the house to the other. The best time is real early in the morning or real late at night!

"Me with my 2 sisters by a kitchen window."
The first Spring day the windows are open is an event
in our house. Blondie even participates!

Last updated: August 2000
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