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Hello, I’m Blondie. My BFC is teaching me html, in secret, so I can have my own page.

Somebody around here has got to set the record straight!

I want to go home NOW!  I need to finish my nap!Okay, so I was a little excited at the vet...but not any more than Beau. I was wakened from a pleasant nap, stuck in a cardboard box and taken for a ride in the car to the vet. Perturbed? Yes, definitely. I get cranky when my nap routine is disturbed, but at least I didn’t cry in the car like my brother!

Me with Dr. ArdenAs for the big gloves the technician lady supposedly had to use to pick me up to take me to the other room to get my ears cleaned? She put them on to warm her hands so that I wouldn’t feel the chill. And that’s the truth!

Proof that I was the model patient!You can ask Dr. Arden for yourself. I was the model patient! And, Beau scratched my BMC on the nose.

Stay BFC has promised to help me a lot, so you’ll be seeing a lot more truth on these pages.

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