"Wowie-zowie!   Glad I'm always ready with my tuxedo."

You cats have been asking for pictures from my Awards ceremonies, so here are a few recent ones...

"You go girl!"
Blondie, all dressed up in her gold lamé for my latest Award. (It was late so she was ready for a nap!)
"You go boy!"
My BMC enjoying an after dinner drink and good conversation.
"Wherever did she ever get that hat!"
My BFC awaiting the announcement of my category.
"Party down!"
Things got a little wild and crazy—a photographer kept following me around. (At least I wasn’t wearing a lamp shade!)
"About time you got here, Ms. Punkie!"

Madame Alto's Cat House Purrrfection Award
From: Madame Alto’s Cat House

Awarded on: Saturday,
April 3, 1999
“Thank you sooooo much for your wonderful award...such an honor coming from you and your wonderful site. As I continue to maintain and create my site, I will gaze fondly on your award whenever the task seems daunting and monumental and I will always be inspired to strive for purrrfection!”

The Divine Felines

From: The Divine Felines

Awarded on: Saturday,
April 3, 1999
“Thank you all ever so much for this award. I am most pleased that you have found my site worthy—such high praise to be considered Divine! I will do my best to live up to this accolade. Thank you.”

World of Exotic Cats Award
From: Otis the Cat

Awarded on: Monday,
April 5, 1999
“Wow! Thank you so much for your award. I was so excited when I received your email—an award all the way from the UK! Oooooeeee! This web stuff continues to astonish me—someone across an ocean can read about me...thank you, Otis. I am forever grateful.”

From: Mr. Bojangles and Sharif’s Sundown

Awarded on: Saturday,
May 22, 1999
“Thank you ever so much for your most marvelous award. I am so touched that you consider my site deserving and am truly proud to display your elegant award. I thank you kindly!”

From: Mommies On The Web

Awarded on: Sunday,
May 23, 1999
“I am ever so pleased to accept your very special award and most deeply honored that you have chosen my web site as Best Pet Site of the Week. I’ve simply created my site, telling about my life and household—that Mommies On The Web has found my site entertaining and worthy of recommendation to your members is truly gratifying. Thank you so much, dear ladies.”

From: Victor’s PURRty Palace

Awarded on: Wednesday,
May 26, 1999
“Thank you so much for your award. It sure is my aim to make my site "fun" and it sure is nice to know when I succeed. I certainly think the web is fun, exciting and surprising—there always seems to be lots of stuff available for any and every cat.”

From: 3 Good Cats

Awarded on: Sunday,
June 13, 1999
“Wowie-zowie!!! Thank you so much, Kelly, Lizzie and
Caitie-Belle. I am truly proud to display your awesome award. You can bet your award will inspire me to maintain class and taste on my web site. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

From: KeeKee

Awarded on: Saturday,
August 28, 1999
“Thank you sooooo much for your wonderful award. I’m so glad you’ve found my site fun...that’s what this web stuff is all about...kitties and everyone having fun!”

From: Pyewacket

Awarded on: Saturday,
December 18, 1999
“Thank you sooooo much for your special awards. I’m overwhelmed that you feel my site deserves all three of your awards! I am very proud to display them on my web site.”

From: Be-Mi-Kitties

Awarded on: Thursday,
December 28, 2000
“Oh my, oh my! I would be thrilled for you to make my humble web site your January 2001 Site of the Month! What a way to ring in the New Year! Thank you soooo much for this honor!”

From: Sir Sparky of RandU Tux

Awarded on: Monday,
January 15, 2001
“Thank you for your Award...it's nice to get awards because you're handsome, don't you think? I work as hard keeping up my appearance as I do on my web site. It can be a daunting task. I will truly treasure this award. Thank you, my friend.”

From: Petsburgh Stable

Awarded on: Monday,
August 13, 2001
“Thank you for this special Award! I'm so excited that you think my site is outstanding! I work hard to hopefully entertain visitors. It’s nice to know someone thinks I’ve succeeded.”

From: Foxy & Mackenzie

Awarded on: Friday,
September 28, 2001
“Thank you for sending me your two top awards. I am extremely delighted at your generosity and hope to be able to live up to your expectations!”

From: Phoenix Flame Cattery

Awarded on: Saturday,
October 6, 2001
“I am truly honored to receive your Diamond Award For Outstanding Web Design! I certainly try to tell the story of my wacky family in a clear way...but, sometimes it's hard keeping everybody in line AND working on my site.”

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Last updated: October 2001
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