"Wowie-zowie!  Glad I'm always ready with my tuxedo."
I knew something would come of this Web stuff!  (Hope there are some Hollywood producers watching this page!)

Heavenly Cat Site Award

From: The Meditative Cat, Monday, and CatAnna

Awarded on: Friday,
April 17, 1998

"Mr. Beauregard Sir, one picture please!"I know some of you cats had prior commitments and couldn’t attend the awards ceremony, but it seemed like the whole world was there. Here’s an excerpt from my acceptance speech.  (My BMC took this photo while I was waiting to give my speech. Boy, was I nervous! After all, this was my very first award!) Beautie
Milk bottle corks a poppin'

“Wow!  It’s been a long road since I was a kitty and first learned computing.  Wow!  Um, I’d like to thank Monday and CatAnna and the other members of the Academy...oops, wrong speech!!!  (Ooooeeee! You like me, you really like me!!  Oh, gee whiz!!!)

But seriously, I’m overwhelmed with this honor. I still remember some of those first days when my BFC and I both looked at each other and said, ‘What’s a table?’ It was a lot of work but now I know it was worth it...”

My getaway limo.

and is already home watching TV.

The Cat Page Award

From: The Cat Page

Awarded on: Tuesday,
October 27, 1998
Following is an excerpt from my speech, made at a private ceremony.  It was another whirlwind evening—the milk bottle corks were popping!

“Oh my!  Thank you so much.  I am most deeply honored to receive this award. I’ve worked so very hard.

Receiving this award gives me the incentive to try harder.  I do have some changes in mind, but they are still in the planning stages.  I so hope they will be worthy of this award.  Thank you once again!”

Handsome Dude Sam's Seal of Purrfection

From: Handsome Dude Sam

Awarded on: Monday,
November 2, 1998

Maybe you can tell...I don’t take this award stuff lightly. Here’s a portion of my acceptance speech:

“This award stuff is going to my head—much like catnip! But I love it—thank you so much!  It’s nice to know that in this hustle-bustle world, handsomeness is appreciated (Hollywood producers take note, please)!”

The Hip Kitty

From: Isabel

Awarded on: Wednesday,
November 4, 1998

Wow!  Three awards in nine days—I just don’t get tired of the excitement!  Once again, here’s a portion of my acceptance speech:

“Thank you so much for this prestigious award!  I’m a bit overwhelmed—I’m practically purrless!

(You’re a pretty hot babe, not to mention hip!  Glad you enjoyed my Art Gallery—Texas is pretty far away or I’d invite you up to see my etchings!)

Thanks, again!”

Midnight's Black Panther Award

From: Midnight and Cindy

Awarded: Thursday,
November 5, 1998

“Thank you so much for this award.  I am so proud to be in the exulted company of your previous winners.  When I started my web site, little did I know that my hard work would be so appreciated.

I hope that all you other kitties out there can realize your own dreams!  Thank you, thank you!”

Queen Bitsy

From: Queen Bitsy

Awarded: Saturday,
November 7, 1998
Showbiz Award
“I bow before you to accept your two awards!  I am most deeply beholden for the eminent laurels thou hast bestowed upon me.  I am most pleased that my modest art collection found favor with thou. Thank you, Majesty!”

Ginger's Cybercat Award of Excellence

From: Ginger and Suze

Awarded on: Sunday,
November 8, 1998
“Oh, goodness me!!!  Thank you both for this honor.  I am thrilled beyond meows.  Cyberspace sure is a neat place. I get to meet so many interesting kitties who share my interests and I am proud that you have rewarded my work with this award of distinction.”

Aesthetic Site Award

From: Evette

Awarded on: Monday,
November 9, 1998
 “Thank you so much for your very wonderful award!  I did my utmost to produce an aesthetic site.  A cat can’t have too much culture!  Of course I strive for aesthetics when considering an acquisition to my art gallery.  So pleased that my site and collection are attracting the acclaim of awards such as yours.  I am most deeply touched.  Thank you again!”

The Red-Devil Award

From: Diabella Loves Cats

Awarded on: Wednesday,
December 2, 1998
“Thank you so much for this award! I have a warm, fuzzy spot in my heart for you and your special web site. You do such marvelous rescue work! I am most humbly grateful to receive an award from you! Thank you, dear lady.”

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