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The skyline view fom my window.As all you cats (and Big Cats) might know, I coined the term Yuscie (Young Urban Sophisti-Cat). Over the years, there have been boomers, hippies, yippies, yuppies, generation X...but I think, in the new millennium , Yuscies will play a dominant role.

Simply put, a Yuscie is a cat who understands his/her proper role in their household (head of household), appreciates the finer things in life, and does it all with style!

"The coveted Golden Yuscie!"With this in mind, I’ve decided to establish The Golden Yuscie Award for cats and their web sites.

I do have just a few conditions:

  • Your site must be feline-oriented
  • Your site must be viewable by the whole family
  • No violence, profanity or sexual content, etc.

Thanks to the Internet, cats can now enjoy an urban worldliness by surfin', so any cat (or Big Cat), regardless of location, can apply for this award.

"Ya gotta have STYLE..."


My BFC and I will judge sites on their creativity, value to the feline community, entertainment quality...in other words, sites which display your style.

So send me an email (or sign my Guestbook) with your name, web site name, URL, and a brief description of your site.

Then, as I do surf often, I will also be awarding sites I come across that I like. So good luck to all you talented cats (and Big Cats)!


Timothy Dickens Site of a Tuxie who's as handsome as me! His site includes blogs, pictures of Timmy having fun, and be sure to check out his How-To movies...

Spartacus A fun Kitty site starring Mighty Spartacus from Scotland. He just turned the Big O-N-E! Check him out in his kilt!

Beau, Kitty with a Blog Check out Beau's blog pages which also have a lot of useful information about us kitties!

Monday, The Meditative Cat A truly celestial site I surf to when I need to get away from the hustle-bustle big city life!

Handsome Dude Sam A handsome dude—for sure! One of the finest examples of cool!

Isabel, The Hip Kitty She’s so hip, she wants to be a Vegas show girl—she definitely has the legs for it!

Midnight Big Cats read “Dear Abby.” But we cats have “Dear Midnight”—and boy, she can really dish it out!

Ginger, The Cyber Cat This girl sure can html...and with such wit, humor and spice!

Diabella Loves Cats One heck of a talented lady—who always has time for cats—rescuing and loving them! You’ll certainly be amazed when you find out about Ginny, the dog who rescues cats. And don’t miss Diabella’s “Cat Calling Cards”—works of art!

Madame Alto’s Cat House Ya just gotta check it out for yourself. Be sure to visit the Second Anniversary fiesta-style bash—you’ll be purring La Bamba the whole day!

The Divine Felines They sure are “divine!” And, Cosmic Kitty will answer your questions with astounding insight!

Otis & The Cat Collective You’ll find yourself spending hours at this site (over 218 pages)—absolutely amazing!

Oliver’s Place Oliver’s put together some exciting features all us cats should check out, including the C.I.A. (cat intelligence agency).

Smokey’s Cool Cat Page Lots of fun stuff to see and do here...and Smokey and I could almost be twins!!!

Beau (Kitty Korner) You’re not going to believe this...I got an email from another Beauregard—we’re both named after the Civil War general...and we’re both tuxedos! Check it out. He doesn’t have his own pages yet, but he and I are working on his BFC!

Victor’s Purrty Palace A real neat place to visit with your children and kitties. Victor sure is a cool cyberkitty dude!

3 Good Cats Kelly, Lizzie and Caitie-Belle are an inspiration to catdom! They spark the imagination of their Big Male Cat who draws cartoons of their day to day life. Well done!

Willie Ooooeeee! I have another double out there! A year old and already a Yuscie. He even poses for the camera like I do...check him out.

Darlin Here’s a young feline who’s just starting out on the web. Besides knowing how to “lay on the charm,” she reminds me of my sister Punkin. How can anyone resist!

DuBois Family A neat site to visit. Meet all ten kitties and read their fascinating stories. You’ll also get to see the family’s backyard friends.

Trisha’s Place Meet Binx, Cammie, Balou and Ana. Lots of other important information, including a big list of nasty plants that can hurt us.

Brandi’s Kitten Kingdom Home of Aeriel, Jazmine and their mom, Brandi. Check out the beautiful painting Brandi did of Aeriel and Jazmine!

Harley’s Window Don’t let the name fool you...Harley Davidson is a girl with a loud voice—look out!

Paula’s World Ms. Paula’s last name just happens to be Beauregard...reason enough to get a Yuscie...but Paula, Sasha, Oksana and Maxx have a marvelous web site with a special tribute to beloved Chops!

Fuzzy Felines Jasmin and Carly have put together a wonderful site, full of fun cat facts and tips. And be sure to check out the kitty fashion show!

Ezzy and Friends Homepage A cool web site from Nicolle and Ezzy, with links to Nicolle’s dog and horse pages—all loving and caring!

Smurgles.com This is the delightful home of the lovely Emily, Molly, and Muffin and handsome Bustopher Jones, and there are very wonderful pages about beautiful Calypso who lives at Rainbow Bridge.

Pyewacket’s Home Site Pyewacket sure is one courageous dude! Check out his site which he shares with his siblings, Christopher, Hopscotch, Marcus and Tito. Well worth your time!

Sir Sparky of RandU Tux Sparky is sure one clever dude! Read the incredible earplugs story and be amazed and inspired. Don’t know about you, but I always enjoy picking up some good tips from other kitties.

Bailey & Avery Bailey is a handsome tuxedo and his little sister, Avery, is a cute tortoise shell. Bailey, naturally, is the boss, but he takes care of Avery, teaching her all the important stuff kitties must know. Check out their Kitty Funnies page!

Shadeaux’s Hideybox Shadeaux (pronounced shad-ow) is a handsome dude who lives up to his name. He shares lots of important information, starting with his own story...
one with a happy ending! And, he’s got a cute roommate named Cassiopiea!

Foxy & Mackenzie’s Cat Site This site’s got everything cats (and Big Cats) need—from fun and games and contests to tons of info on kitty health, food, and supplies! Added bonus: Foxy’s easy on the eyes and Mackenzie’s a handsome dude! Twelve paws up from our household!

Jaguar Lady’s Korner This is a really neat site about Big Cats...and I don't mean the ones who feed you and take care of you...but Big Cats like lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, and more. Lots of cool facts. I think I look like the Black Leopard! Hear me roar!

Alison’s Wide World of Cats A fun web site about cats, created by a talented young lady. Besides her friend, Alex the cat, she also lives with some fish and two creatures called Sherbert and Tur-tle!

Phoenix Flame Cattery Wow...lots of hot babes, starting with Bubbles! And for you ladies, some handsome dudes...
one looks just like my accountant, Herman Himalayan!

El Gato Lucy Lucy sure is cool! And naturally, she has a really cool and entertaining site. Her “toy review” page is right-on! Four paws up, Ms. Lucy!

Nine Cats Corner Wowie-zowie! Nine cats: Fifizie, Maow, Quinn, Lillise, MK, Moy, Tigra, Cass, and Taffen! And boy are they lucky because they have a really cool outdoor pen. I'm sooooo jealous!!!

"Navy Pier"
Chicago’s Navy Pier and the Giant Ferris Wheel.

Last updated: July, 2005
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